Our drone-based Solution

Discover how our drone surveillance solution NeoSafe can help you optimize your existing security system at your industrial site.

Automatic air patrol

Your industrial site represents a major challenge in terms of security surveillance. You have security guards who conduct patrols to ensure the security of your sites. However with this solution there may be some uncertainty about whether the guards are actually patrolling as required. You need a solution that increases the level of safety and dependability of the patrols at your site. Our automated drone surveillance solution lets you add innovative technology to your existing system to make it more dependable.

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Detecting Threats from above

Does your surveillance system leave your site vulnerable to intrusion? Have you experienced theft, vandalism or other damage? Do your fencing and your fixed surveillance cameras fail to completely cover your entire perimeter? Do your on-site security guards have difficulty responding quickly enough to verify a security threat? Our automatic drone surveillance solution can be added to your system to patrol in the place of your security guard.

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24/7 Operation

Do you operate a high-risk site that needs strong security protection? Generally speaking, sensitive sites are located in remote areas with very little traffic, and discretion is required. These sites face many challenges that require large investments in security surveillance.
In France, the facilities that represent a major industrial hazard are classified Seveso “high threshold” or “low threshold” according to the total amount of hazardous materials on the site. High-risk industrial sites are those where an accident could cause serious immediate consequences for staff, local residents, property and the environment. You must take effective steps to manage the risk.

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All weather

Your industrial site needs to be effectively monitored at all times. Your hardware must then be compatible with your weather conditions and terrain. Sites in the mountains can be difficult to access and subject to extremely low temperatures. Sites in the desert need a security system that can handle drought conditions, high temperatures and dust. And in tropical areas, humidity and rain are major considerations.

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