Detecting Threats from above

Is your site is too large for your surveillance system to cover it completely?
Are there security vulnerabilities at the blind spots and outlying areas?
False alarms can be triggered by plants, animals or weather, causing the security guard to be dispatched needlessly. This alarm verification method is expensive and unreliable. Even if the guard goes to the location of the alarm, the threat may have disappeared or the intruder may have already committed an infraction.


  • A drone can get to the alarm location faster
  • This is a more reliable and less expensive alarm verification method. The security guard does not have to go out to the location to check the alarm
  • Proof with live image feed
  • Better decision-making on whether to involve law enforcement
Alarm Verification solution of pixiel security

With NeoSafe, our drone surveillance solution, your security guard remains at the control centre. We install UAV Stations and drones at strategic locations we have defined together. We program the drones to respond to an alarm by going directly to the location of the security threat. Once there, the drone films and sends a live image feed to your security guard. He can quickly determine the source of the alarm, identify an intrusion and call law enforcement as needed. Not only is the alarm verified much faster, without the guard having to leave his station, but you also have video evidence thanks to the feed from the drone.