Automatic air patrol

Do you operate an industrial site with major security concerns?
At high-risk, military or Seveso sites, you need to monitor your infrastructure, hazardous materials or people across a large area. You need to respond quickly to any alarm indicating an incident or intrusion. Our drone solution enhances your surveillance system (fixed cameras, security guards, barrier, etc.) to perform automated patrols.


  • Monitor your facilities over a large area in less time
  • Add to your current guard system
Automatic Patrol solution of Pixiel Security
  • Day and night, in all weather, you have a fleet of drones that crisscross your site in one or more pre-programmed routes or randomly, to prevent vandalism perpetrated based on a predictable route.
  • Depending on your surveillance needs, we define the number of NeoSafe drones required to cover your area. We choose the most appropriate locations and program the route(s) for the automated patrols to effectively protect your industrial site.
  • Our drone surveillance solution allows you to secure a pre-defined area that the drone will not fly beyond, thanks to its geofencing system.
  • The flying camera integrates seamlessly with your existing surveillance system. Your security guard receives a live video feed of the areas monitored by the drone, and he can trigger an intervention if necessary.