24/7 Operation

Your high-risk site requires surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To limit the risks of intrusions or industrial accidents, you need at least two security guards, so that when an alarm sounds, one of them can go check out the threat while the other disarms the intermediate areas. However, hiring several guards to monitor a high-risk site day and night represents a considerable investment.

With one or more drones, depending on the size and challenges of your industrial site, you can optimize your security system. A single guard can remain at his security station and send the drone to patrol, without having to disarm the surveillance zones it flies over. The live video feed allows the guard to assess the threat and call the authorities, depending on the type of incident, intrusion or industrial risk.


  • A drone can be dispatched to the alarm location faster
  • The security guard doesn’t have to go to the scene, so surveillance is optimized
24/7 solution of Pixiel Security - tower in day and night

With NeoSafe, our drone surveillance solution, you can monitor your industrial site day and night. Each time an alarm is triggered, your security guard can dispatch the drone to the location of the threat. Once there, the drone stabilizes to send you a quality video feed. This allows your guard to identify the origin of the threat and trigger an intervention if necessary. The live feed can be recorded and used as evidence. The flight log also offers a technical intervention report. Furthermore, depending on the size of your site, you may want to position several UAV Stations with several drones, which take turns patrolling based on their battery level.