Drone solution for logistic platforms

Warehouses of big companies often look alike. You walk among long and high aisles made of shelves stuffed with products and boxes, nicely put in line. Logistics platforms require a lot of time to be maintained as well as human resources to be organized and secured. The use of civil drones around logistic warehouses can change this field. These engines bring new opportunities and can enhance the security in logistic facilities.

Reinforcing the safety in logistic center WITH FLYINg robots

Preserving the workers’ safety and the merchandise is one of the main concerns in a warehouse.
In case of emergency (accident, intrusion, fire, etc.), a drone is quickly sent on the spot where the incident occurred. It takes less time for the drone to cover the distance than a security agent. The engine broadcasts live images of the scene to the person who is in charge of quickly organizing the appropriate response: calling the fire squad or the police, sending a team, etc.
Thanks to its wide-range lens camera, the drone can cover a large space in a single pass in one passing through, which is very useful for the operator who watches the security screens, since warehouse are busy areas, with many people and vehicles passing by.

Protecting and monitoring the goods with drones

Logistics platforms can stock a certain amount of high-value products or large quantities of goods. Monitoring these sites is a priority to preserve the safety of the merchandise.
However, the large scale of these places makes it difficult to manage, as well as the great numbers of people and vehicles.
Automated drone routines can be used to provide an uninterrupted coverage of the logistic site. Day and night, one or several drones can be sent to fly over different places. The security agent can watch live footage of the area to make sure that no one is trying to breach the site. Including a drone in the security protocol enhances the perimeter surveillance of the logistic platform.