Drone solution for sea ports security

A sea port is a very wide area on both ground and sea and this requires thus a proper organization to be managed.
Incoming ships, lifting containers, peculiar equipment, managing human flow…
Several aspects need to be checked in a sea port in order to guarantee the safety of all.
Drone solution offers a new perspective for sea port monitoring. Indeed, thanks to its aerial point of view the drone can offer a new analysis of the site and can enhance the supervision and the security of the sea port. The time of reaction in case of emergency can also be increased.

Improving the sea port security

Handling containers, moving heavy trucks… Sea ports are dangerous work spaces.
When an alarm is triggered (in case of a robbery, intrusion, fire, accident, etc.), a drone can be sent on-site to do a first analysis of the situation.
A security guard is watching the situation with a live stream and organizing the appropriate answer: calling the emergency services, organizing an intervention plan, etc.

Monitoring the area and saving time

Automated drone routines can be scheduled on the sea port.
The drone flies over some predefined zones as often as needed for the monitoring:

  • To inspect different areas of the site;
  • To be sure that the employees’ security is guaranteed during the different processes.

Using a drone solution allows a sea port manager to anticipate a problem and to improve his workers’ safety.
A drone monitoring a sea port is a time-saving solution. Indeed, on a traditional monitoring site, in case of emergency, a security agent is sent on location. It takes him time to reach it because of the large scale of the sea port. Then, he estimates the danger of the situation and requests the appropriate answer.
Using a drone and a live video solution can reduce the time of response and avoid potential degradations that can be costly.