Drone solutions on oil and gas sites – SEVESO ATEX facilities

We are at a turning point of our society. The digital transformation is changing every aspect of our life.
Oil and gas facilities are also concerned by this wind of change.
Using a drone on Seveso or ATEX sites is a revolutionary way to reduce the security costs and enhance the monitoring of those places.

UAVs allow to be more reactive in case of emergency

Oil and gas sites, like refineries or drilling platforms, are very wide facilities. They are often made up of several levels. And, because highly inflammable and explosive products are stored on site, the security and the monitoring of the facility is an essential issue.
When an alarm is triggered, a drone can immediately and automatically be sent to the zone. Thanks to its embedded intelligence solution, the drone can analyze the situation and lift any doubt. Live video can be sent to the security agent, who can confirm the drone’s analysis. An appropriate response can be organized. A drone solution, in that kind of situation, is a way to save a lot of time and can prevent a chain reaction that can be potentially destructive.
A drone does not replace a man’s vigilence, but it strengthens the monitoring and improves reactivity.

Autonomous drones to reinforce security on Seveso and ATEX sites

Seveso and ATEX sites, such as refineries or drilling platforms have to set up security measures according to their level of risks.
Automated drone routines can be programmed to provide a complete and uninterrupted coverage of the site since several drones can fly over the site in autonomous shifts. They send live footage to security agents who can make sure that no one is currently attempting to breach the perimeter.
A drone solution completes a man’s watch. These tools help to focus human efforts on high value actions, where they are indispensable.