Drone solution for mines quarries safety

Unmanned aerial surveillance on mines and quarries sites is a solution for the future.
Thanks to these unmanned and autonomous engines, the workers’ safety is improved as well as the monitoring and security of these sites, including stockpiles of mined material.

NeoSafe Drones to enhance the safety on mine and quarry sites

Safety issues are one of the main concerns on a mine or a quarry. Workers can face multiple threats and dangers.
Nowadays, more automated solutions, such as transportation, can reduce potential risks. Aerial surveillance with drones represent one means to improve working conditions and safety.
In case of emergency (such as intrusion, accident, etc.), a drone is quickly sent where a potential danger is triggered. The engine broadcasts live images to the security agent who can analyze the threat and organize the appropriate response. A rescue team can be required to be sent on zone.
A drone can save a lot of precious time. Indeed, the security agent previously had to reach by himself the triggered area in order to analyze the threat and then, ask for a team to put an end to it. A drone solution brings more reactivity.

Monitoring sites and stockpiles efficiently from above

Two kinds of materials can be extracted from a mine or a quarry : construction materials and precious materials such as gold, gems, copper and so on. These products can be stocked quite some time on the mine. The monitoring of these stockpiles is an important matter to prevent any attempt of burglary of these high value products.
Thanks to automated drone routines, mines and quarries can be watched 24/7. An engine, which is autonomously piloted, flies regularly over the quarry and conduct security surveillance. Some places can be watched over more than others, as you wish, such as stockpiles or strategix equipments. Built with high res camera and night vision, it sends live foutage of the scene to the surveillance base. It can also send pre-set automated security alerts to the security agent who can take decisions and actions in case of an emergency.
A drone solution could be very useful for aerial surveillance of mines and quarries sites as they cover a very wide area that require human capital and lots of equipment. A drone solution can cover these distances quickly and silently, and several drones can work together to provide a full coverage of the site for an optimal monitoring.